Adventure is in the air

  • 5 interactive theme rooms

  • 19 planes hanging from the ceiling

  • Always something to do, both inside and outside

  • Largest military collection in The Netherlands

Him or me. A Canadian and a German.

Temporary exhibition Him or me

The liberation of Europe 75 years ago came after a long and hard-fought struggle. In our ‘Him or Me’ exhibition, you join the fight through the eyes of two servicemen: one Canadian and one German. Making your way along a series of very lifelike dioramas, you will be experiencing their story and their emotions.

Class of '45

What was it like to be a child during the Second World War? Step inside The Class(room) of ’45: a poignant historical setting where you will experience the war through the eyes of five Dutch schoolchildren.

At the Arsenal (Armoury), all top pieces from Dutch military aviation history have been gathered in a spectacular flight!